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Clyde’s heartfelt commitment to record precious landscapes and peaceful sanctuaries throughout the world finds a common ground between all viewers. His photography has been seen in United States’ museums as well as internationally: at the National Gallery of Art in Prague, Czech Republic, and while servings as the United Nation’s official photographer for the Cuban ‘Year of the Mountains’ conference.

12x20 View CameraLRHe’s been called the next Ansel Adams by Popular Photographymagazine, awarded as a humanitarian for acting for the betterment of his community, and recognized as a conservationist for bringing issues to the forefront of people’s minds through his artwork. The majestic beauty, boldness and depth of Clyde Butcher’s photographs have earned him recognition as the foremost landscape photographic artist in America today.

Clyde Butcher’s epic monumental photographs (up to 5′ x 9’) capture America’s landscapes by revealing their majestic and sacred spiritual beauty. His work is hallmarked by his silver gelatin hand-processing of each photograph, taken with one of his many large format view cameras, ranging in size from 5″ x 7” to 12″ x 20”.

Honored by the state of Florida with the highest award given to a private citizen, The Florida Hall of Fame Award, he is also privileged to have received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Nature Photography Association, the Distinguished Artist Award from the Florida House Embassy (Washington D.C.) and the Ansel Adams Conservation Award from the Sierra Club for showing excellence in photography and contributing to the public awareness of the environment.

More than 10,000 people have viewed Clyde’s 2012TEDxSarasotaYouTube presentation, and he has been featured in six PBS programs focused on the Florida environment, three becoming award-winning documentaries. His work is captured in multiple table-top books, including America the Beautiful, a collection of work from across the United States;Big Cypress Swamp ~ The Western Everglades; and Portfolio II ~ Florida.


Each dramatic landscape is the reward of patience, perseverance, and determination.039c Blue Cypress Lake 5 Clyde KLR Clyde will wait for hours until the light, clouds and composition come together. Carrying camera gear that weighs up to 120 pounds, he crosses difficult terrain, stands in chest-deep water for hours, and occasionally risks his life on steep mountain slopes. Although Clyde will always be identified with the Everglades, he is deeply committed to recording natural beauty throughout the world.