America’s Everglades
Soft Cover Book $15.95

This soft bound book is a supplement to the traveling exhibit America’s Everglades: Through the Lens of Clyde Butcher.  This catalog explains the importance of the Everglades and it’s four main ecosystems with informative maps and diagrams. Clyde’s stunning black and white images serve as snapshots of the depths of the Everglades. Copyright 2019 by Window of the Eye, Inc., Book Size: 7 1/2″ X 10 1/2″, 31 pages. 36 photographs including 3 double page spreads and 6 full page photographs. Printed in Sarasota, Florida. A word from Clyde: “Through the use of my images, I hope the people of Florida have come to a greater understanding of the beauty they will lose if the preservation and restoration of our environment is not in the forefront of our thoughts. As stewards of the land, we must establish an ethic toward the earth that will lead the way toward a connection to nature in a deep and personal way. As an artist, I reach deep within myself in order to express an image that will touch another. It is my hope that the vision I give to you of Florida will inspire you to love and protect our environment for generations to come.”