Big Cypress Swamp
Hardbound Book - $40

Big Cypress Swamp: Newly redesigned, this second edition reprint features over 50 of Clyde’s iconic fine art black and white photographs of the swamp and new, never before published images. Behind-the-scenes photos taken by Niki and tales that describe the adventures that they encountered on their journey through life in the Everglade Copyright 2015 by Window of the Eye, Inc. Book Size: 9″ X 9 1/2″, 120 pages. 64 pages of quad-tone reproductions of Clyde’s photographs including 9 double page spreads. A word from Clyde: Big Cypress Swamp is one of the last pristine wilderness areas of Florida. It has not yet suffered the overly aggressive footprint of man. Big Cypress is a true wilderness, a place where nature is still natural. We have a jewel in our midst and a healthy Big Cypress is a legacy we must pass on to our children and their children. It is important for us to think beyond ourselves. This book is a collection for a quarter of a century of photographing the Big Cypress Swamp. It was hard to narrow the selection to these few images, but I hope they will inspire you to look beyond the guardrails that line the roads crossing this large swath of land between Naples and Miami. I hope you will join me in exploring the mystery that is the swamp. FREE shipping on all gift & book orders over $50 (in the Continental USA)