America’s National Parks


NEW BOOK:  photographs of 33 National Parks that he has photographed over the past 50 years plus stories and information on each park. He is dedicating this  book to the courageous individuals who stood up to proclaim the need to save our wild places and to the forward-thinking ones who created the National Parks “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people”. All orders over $50 FREE SHIPPING Book Size: 9″ X 9 1/2″ , Pages: 192,  124 Photographs: 108 Full Page, 16 Double Page Spreads. “We all have something we are passionate about. My passion and mission in life, is to share my photographic images of our untouched landscapes, so future generations can see and help preserve our land. To preserve our country’s last remaining wild places to protect their natural processes and values from development and capture it all on film, no words can describe how this feels. I set out over the course of my career and captured 33 National Parks.  It’s time we all celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our National Parks. In honor of this and to all the employees who put endless hours in preserving our Parks and land, I composed and gathered all my images of those Parks and published this book. I am honored to be able to express and share those with you. Today, thanks to the wisdom, foresight, and perseverance of many dedicated individuals, current and future generations will enjoy the untouched beauty of our wilderness and natural landscapes.” Questions or to order by phone call 941-486-0811