NEW: Limited Edition Collector’s Book

24 books left at $595 ea . (next available number 126 edition of 250) Book includes silver gelatin photograph Clyde introduces his NEW limited edition book  with a signed and numbered photograph that coincide. Every 25 sold the price jumps. We expect to sell out by the end of the year. Don’t delay and order yours today. Have you ever thought of becoming a collector?  This Limited Edition Collector’s set includes a signed and numbered Celebrating America’s National Parks book and silver gelatin fiber base photograph, Moon Over Tetons.  This exclusive edition features 4 additional double page spreads (see below on the left) not found in the original book.  Black linen fabric with silver foil stamping add the finishing touches to this special slip case protected set.  Certificate of Authenticity will also be included. Questions or to order by phone call 941-486-0811