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N O W   T A K I N G   P R E – O R D E R S SAVE 15%  Limited Time Offer C L Y D E ‘ S   L E G A C Y   P R O J E C T His  most comprehensive collection of Everglades photography! This extensive collection of intricate black and white Everglades photographs captures the unique characteristics of this primal sanctuary in Florida. It is complemented by descriptions of each of the unique eco-systems, as well as a look into Clyde’s personal experiences and challenges living and photographing in the Everglades. Clyde’s images, coupled with writings from world-renown environmentalists and activists, invite you to experience the majesty of what Marjory Stoneman Douglas famously coined the “River of Grass.” Clyde hopes to inspire the next generation to know, love, and preserve this place he calls home—the Everglades. In 1997  Clyde was recognized as ABC’s Person of the Week for using his art to bring attention to the Everglades; he has not stopped since then.  His legacy book of the Everglades consists of photographs from 1986-2019. BOOK DETAILS: Large coffee table book, size: 13”x 12.5” book opens to 26”, 180  Pages, 98  large black and white photographs of the Everglades, 20 color photographs (behind the scenes).  Timeline of Everglades events 1980-2019.  Index includes camera, film, filters, lenses, and f-stop for each photograph. Questions or place order by phone call 941-486-0811.   ETA – September  – FREE Shipping in the Continental USA

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