America the Beautiful LTD
Limited Edition Book with Darkroom Print

L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N 125 The next 5 sold $2,550 The next 5 sold will be numbers 112-116 Each book is accompanied by a limited 11”x12” Silver Gelatin Photograph of Clyde’s iconic image “Inspiration Point 148”. America the Beautiful: The Monumental Landscape:  This Limited Edition Collector’s set includes a signed and numbered silver gelatin fiber base photograph, Inspiration Point 148, captured at Yosemite National Park. This signed limited edition book and slipcase are black leather-bound and silver embossed, measuring nearly 14.5″x 13.5″. Inside, you will find 90 pages of Clyde Butcher’s large scale black and white photographs. This stunning gift set, an homage to our country’s magnificent landscapes, is only an edition of 125. This collection celebrates the beauty of the American landscape from the Redwood forests of California to the Everglade swamps of Florida. Clyde majestically captures the public natural lands set aside by the Federal and State governments for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. Clyde’s images of these treasured landscapes document the changing environment, capturing what is there today and encouraging us to enjoy the beauty of nature. Clyde’s images speak for countless diverse places of wilderness and respite found throughout all of America, allowing us an appreciation of our land. “Clyde represents what we hope all great artists of our country hold true in their work: the responsibility of communicating the goodness of our world through the arts. Moreover, he has used his photographs as learning tools to inspire others, sharing his concern for our limited resources and endangered habitats” Jimmy Carter, Former President of the United States Questions or place order by phone call 941-486-0811. Inventory quantity below is the count down for the next 5 to be sold


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