Ghost Orchid Reproduction Print

This is a reproduction offset print of Ghost Orchid 1, matted to 12 x 16″ inches, add a black frame for easy at-home assembly Photographic Story For days afterward, Oscar would phone me and exclaim with excitement, “I can’t believe we saw the ghost orchid!”When Mike Owen, biologist of the Fakahatchee Preserve, offered to take me out to see the elusive and rare Ghost Orchid, I jumped at the chance. When I mentioned it to my friend, Oscar Thompson, who was a sixth-generation Floridian and had been an alligator poacher in Fakahatchee in his youth, he got very excited. In all the years he had been in Fakahatchee he had never seen the orchid. Oscar joined Mike and I as we headed off to see the orchid. This was my first experience with the rare ghost orchid and I was very lucky that the bloom was in perfect condition when we arrived. I took many photographs, as did Oscar. Mike was very patient with our excitement and spent time explaining the biology of the orchid while we photographed.