Hat – Ghost Orchid

Baseball cap features embroidered ghost orchid on the front. On the back, the hat is embroidered with “Clyde Butcher Photography”.  Adjustable with a metal clasp on the back. Adult sizes. 100% cotton. More on the Ghost Orchid: The Ghost Orchid is a very rare native orchid of Florida. It has many unique features, including that the plant has no leaves. The plant is hardly noticeable when it is not in bloom. These orchids grow on the trunks and branches of trees out in the swamps of south Florida. At night the orchid emits a beautiful gentle scent. It is pollinated by the giant sphinx moth, which has a 6-inch proboscis that enables it to reach into the long spur of the orchid flower. On several occasions, Clyde trekked into the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve with state biologist Mike Owen and friends to document the rare Ghost Orchid with his large-format camera.


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