Redwood National Park, CA

foggy forest 2 b&w
Photographic Story During the early days of our marriage, we spent our lives in northern California where I fell in love with the ecosystem of the redwood forests. There is a power that pulsates from the redwoods and it fills me with gratitude. One day, while taking a picture, I watched a giant tree crash to the ground. It did make a sound, and left a huge hole in the forest, allowing the sunlight to reach the forest floor. Although I love photographing Florida, I decided to return to the other place in this country that holds my heart: the redwood forest. Niki and I wanted to see what the ecosystem looked like 40 years after that tree had fallen. We found it covered with ferns, lichen, and mushrooms. A whole new ecosystem had been created and the tree was still in the process of returning to the earth. Digital – Archival Pigment Print This photograph was taken with an analog large format camera. After Clyde develops the negative, the film is scanned and edited in a computer program mimicking his darkroom techniques. The photograph is printed on an Epson Stylus 4800 or 11880 printer. Clyde uses archival Ultra-chrome K3 ink and prints on archival Harman Hahnemuhle paper. The limited edition photograph is then mounted and matted to current archival standards. Each print is signed and numbered.

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