Factory Falls 24
Photographic Story I was invited to be Artist in Residence at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and I spent my time exploring this wonderful park. I felt like I was in the middle of the wilderness miles from anyone, when in reality I was surrounded by masses of people and only a 2 ½ hr. drive from New York City! I found Factory Falls at George W. Childs Park high above the valley. It had recently been added to the park property, so I was excited to photograph the location. At the time I was there the park had built a boardwalk that followed the river as it dropped into waterfalls all the way down the mountainside and into the valley where the park was located. It was a beautiful, but sometimes wet walk. I spent two days photographing Factory Falls, but I could have spent my entire time in that area. It was truly beautiful. Digital – Archival Pigment Print This photograph was taken with an analog large format camera. After Clyde develops the negative, the film is scanned and edited in a computer program mimicking his darkroom techniques. The photograph is printed on an Epson Stylus 4800 or 11880 printer. Clyde uses archival Ultra-chrome K3 ink and prints on archival Harman Hahnemuhle paper. The limited edition photograph is then mounted and matted to current archival standards. Each print is signed and numbered.

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