Crystal River, FL

Three Sisters Springs
Photographic Story Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, Florida – At the time I photographed Three Sisters Springs it was privately owned and only used occasionally for family picnics. The manatees had it all to themselves. I feel fortunate to have photographed it in the lonely, wild and natural way it was meant to be. Since that time the springs have been acquired by the state and opened to the public; however, there are restrictions on when people can access the springs. During the winter, manatees congregate in large numbers in the springs due to the warm water. During that time the springs are closed to humans. The Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge is a critical protection for the West Indian Manatee. There are about 30 known springs in the area and with their constant 72-degree water, they provide an essential warm water refuge for manatees that congregate there in the winter months. Analog – Archival Silver Gelatin Photograph Clyde’s silver gelatin black and white images are created using an 8” x 10”, 11” x 14”, or 12” x 20” view camera. Clyde prints his images in his own darkroom on fiber-base paper in a limited edition. The photographs are selenium-toned, then mounted and matted to current archival standards. His images come in sizes from 8” x 10” inches to 5’x 8’ feet. Disclaimer – Cropping, contrast, and image density may vary Each photograph is individually hand printed in the darkroom and will vary based on factors such as artist preference, chemistry and temperature. The image displayed on the website is a digital scan of the original negative and should be considered a representation of the printed version of the art.

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