Private Photography Tour in a Seasonal Swamp

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In these times of social distancing a private swamp walk tour behind Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery is safe and great for the soul! We invite you to capture the magic of  morning light as it reveals a one-of-a-kind endangered ecosystem in it’s pristine form.  Rare orchids, ferns and bromeliads inhabit this unusual and unique landscape. Summer walkers will experience a lush, wet and refreshing foliage as Cypress, Pond Apple and Pop Ash trees are in full leaf. Photo Swamp Safari – Arrive at the Big Cypress Gallery at 7:00am to catch the morning light, for a 3-4 hour swamp walk for photographers behind Big Cypress Gallery. This is not an instructional workshop; this is a guided walk that will stop at several of Clyde’s favorite photographic locations. This tour is a very leisurely paced tour and tailored to your needs. We ask that you allow up to 4 hours for preparation as well as exploration! What to Bring & Wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, hat and shoes that tie. (such as sneakers). Bring your camera, tripod (suggested for long exposures), lenses, water, bug spray, a plastic bag to cover your camera in case of rain, and a backpack to carry these supplies. Pack a lunch in a cooler for after your walk.  Bring a change of dry clothes and shoes for after your walk. You will be able to store lunch & belongings in our air-conditioned changing rooms. RATES: $195 per person min two people max 6 people. October – March The weather always seems to be perfect this time of the year to go on our tours.  In the fall,  you still have the green lushness of summer foliage, in winter, the Cypress Needles fall and the winter birds arrive, in the spring the waters levels are lower and you may even see animal tracks.  April – September . With the right preparation and the mind-set for adventure, a summer walk is IDEAL!  Walking in the pristine and crystal clear waters offers a unique experience that we look forward to sharing with you! Group Rates: over 6 people call for pricing 239-695-2428 • 10% cancellation or rescheduling fee • No refunds less than 7 days from tour • For reservations within 48 hours please call us 239-695-2428 IF YOU DO NOT SEE AN AVAILABILITY ON YOUR SELECTED DAY, PLEASE CALL US AT 239-695-2428. OUR TOUR TIMES ARE FLEXIBLE AND THERE’S A GREAT CHANCE THAT WE CAN ACCOMODATE YOUR TOUR! Big Cypress Gallery, located along the scenic Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41), 47 miles east of Naples and 36 miles west of Miami at Mile Marker 54.5, about half mile east of the Big Cypress National Preserve Oasis Visitor Center. ”To know the swamp you have to get into the swamp.” Book Now


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