National Parks Book (WS)

National Parks v.3
DETAILS: Hardcover book, retails $64.95. Book measures 9 x 10”. Contains 200 semi-gloss pages featuring 135 black and white photographs. 23 double page spreads. Stories about each National Park and behind the scenes photos throughout. Copyright Window of the Eye, Inc. 2021 This elegant coffee table book is Butcher’s revised edition of his earlier National Park book. This new book includes larger images, additional photos, and reflections of his experiences traveling through 34 national parks and preserves. From the redwood forests of California to the Everglade swamps of Florida, Clyde captures the essence of our natural spaces and treasured landscapes. He shares his personal connections while experiencing these protected lands, hoping these beautiful images of our nation’s parks and preserves will stir others to want to explore nature’s beauty and inspire others to become advocates for protecting these public lands for future generations. Clyde’s Dedication This book is dedicated to the courageous individuals who stood up to proclaim the need to save our wild places and to the foward-thinking ones who created the national parks. It is also dedicated to the many national park employees and volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain these national treasures and to those in the future who will continue this legacy so that these beautiful lands may continue to be a source of solace and peace in our world for future generations.  


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