Cathedrals of Florida: Masterworks by Clyde Butcher
Orlando Museum of Art

ORLANDO, FL – The Orlando Museum of Art will be showing a special exhibition of Clyde Butcher’s mural-size Florida photographs on display starting September 24, 2021 – end date TBD. Join us Friday, September 24 for a book signing with Clyde and a lecture on Saturday, September 25. Time and details to be determined. Clyde has been photographing Florida’s untouched landscapes for over 30 years. Through his art, he strives to connect the viewer to the spiritual side of nature. Clyde produces incredible detailed mural-sized prints on fiber-based silver gelatin paper. He makes images measuring up to 5×9′ feet that allow the viewer to more fully embrace the breadth and scope of the landscape as Butcher experienced it in the field.