ANGEL OAK © 2016
Charleston, SC

Angel Oak
Typically, I don’t photograph specific subjects like the well-known Angel Oak in South Carolina. Instead, I follow the light and photograph what resonates with my spirit. For years, Niki had been urging me to photograph the Angel Oak, so when a hurricane was projected to hit the state of Florida, we packed up our bags and headed to visit the ancient oak on St. Johns Island. When we reached Angel Oak Park, I was amazed by the tree’s sheer size and breathtaking beauty. Old trees exude a unique energy, and this one was no exception – strong and serene. The magnificent tree is estimated to be about 500 years old and is 28 feet in circumference. The longest branch measures 187 feet. We returned very early the following morning. When we arrived at the park, we were the only ones there. The light was perfect, with the first clouds from Hurricane Matthew creating a soft and even glow. After a successful morning of photographing, we headed out for breakfast. That’s when we learned that the hurricane had shifted and was projected to impact the Carolinas, and the Governor was asking residents to evacuate the coast. We packed up and returned to the safety of Florida that same day! This photograph is printed on a large format Epson printer using genuine Epson ink and archival Harman Hahnemuhle paper. Each photograph is digitally signed, then mounted and matted to current archival standards. This is a limited edition series and each photograph is numbered.

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Print only:
Unmounted print shipped rolled in a tube.
Professionally mounted and matted to current archival standards using 4 ply acid free bright white mat board and foam core.
Standard Framed:
Framed with Plaskolite OPTIX acrylic, which is crystal clear, lightweight, and shatter-resistant for added protection in a black aluminum Nielsen frame. Mounted and matted to current archival standards using 4-ply acid-free bright white mat board and foam core.
5" x 12" [Edition of 200]
5" x 12"
14" x 20"
15.25" x 21.25"
10" x 22" [Edition of 150]
10" x 22"
18" x 30"
19.25" x 31.25"
16" x 38" [Edition of 100]
16" x 38"
24" x 46"
25.25" x 47.25"
22" x 52" [Edition of 75]
22" x 52"
30" x 60"
33.25" x 63.25"
33" x 76" [Edition of 50]
33" x 76"
41" x 84"
44.25" x 87.25"
38" x 88" [Edition of 25]
38" x 88"
46" x 96"
49.25" x 99.25"
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