Terms and Conditions

Revision Date: 09/13/2021

Agreement of Terms of Usage

By using our services or website you agree to all terms, conditions and agreements laid out in this Terms of Service Agreement.


You agree that you have read our Privacy Policy and you consent to all its terms.

Electronic Communications

When you contact us through electronic means such as email or a contact form you agree that you have given us your information wllingly and that we are now authorized to add your email to our customer email list. We are now authorized to contact you via the information you provided us. This however does not mean we are authorized to add your email to our marketing list. By communicating with us through email or a contact form you will not be added to our marketing lists.


All products and services offered on or are facilitated through our website are the sole propery of Window of the Eye, Inc. At no time during your visit to our website or after purchasing one of our products are you allowed to duplicate, redistribute or resell our products. All our names, products, images, logos, textual content and services are copyrighted, trademarked and thereby protected by US and International laws.

Risk of Loss

As soon as your products leave our store they are handed over to either USPS or UPS. At this time you are issued a tracking number for your shipment. At this time we do not take responsibility for the loss of any product. At the time the carrier takes posession of your product, it is your responsibility.

Returns Of Products

Window of the Eye, Inc. does not issue returns of product unless they are physically damaged. Contact us with proof of damage if you wish to initiate a refund. We do not take responsbility for products until they are returned to our Gallery. Until such a time we are not responsible for additional damage or loss.

Booking Cancellations

All bookings of our Cottages and Bungalows may be cancelled 30 days prior to your first day of your reservation for a full refund. Cancellations received after 30 days will be charged at full price. For detailed information view our Booking Policy Sheet.

Financial Disputes

All of our prices are published and are final. Disputes about the amount charged during checkout are not accepted by Window of the Eye, Inc. Unless you can proof that your product is damaged we will not issue refunds.

Usage of Forms

Our website features contact forms, RSVP forms and signup forms for various services we offer. While using our website you agree to never submit false information to such forms, to never submit information with false intentions and to never fake information.


While using our website and filling out any form on our website you must always use your identiy. Under no circumstances may you use fake information on our website. Window of the Eye, Inc. does not take responsibility for false information being submitted to our website.

Facebook Pixel

Our website uses the Facebook Pixel to gather information about our current advertising and marketing campaigns. By using our website you are giving us consent to continue to use the Pixel and you agree that you are aware of it’s presence on our website. If you do not consent to the usage of our Facebook Pixel you are required to leave our website and place your orders over the phone.