Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Moraine Valley
Photographic Story Being an Artist-in-Residence in a national park situated at an altitude between eight and twelve thousand feet is a breathless experience for a “flatlander” from Florida. The altitude wasn’t the only breathtaking experience; the views were absolutely stunning. While visiting, we stayed in a cabin that overlooked Moraine Valley. It had a lovely view, except for the cabins that filled up a corner of the valley. One morning, I woke up to a layer of fog covering the houses in the valley. The mountains rose majestically behind the fog, and beautiful clouds filled the sky. I wanted to catch the image before the fog dissipated, so I threw on some shorts, grabbed my camera, and yelled to Niki to bring me some clothes. Luckily, the fog held until I captured the image. Analog – Archival Silver Gelatin Photograph Clyde’s silver gelatin black and white images are created using an 8” x 10”, 11” x 14”, or 12” x 20” view camera. Clyde prints his images in his own darkroom on fiber-based paper in a limited edition. The photographs are selenium-toned, then mounted and matted to current archival standards. His images come in sizes from 8” x 10” inches to 5’x 8’ feet. His love of art and nature is seen in the exceptional detail and more subtle textures of his photography. Each photograph is individually hand printed in the darkroom and will vary based on factors such as artist preference, chemistry and temperature. The image displayed on the website is a digital scan of the original negative and should be considered a representation of the printed version of the art.

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