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Central Florida

Archbold 1
Photographic Story Photographing the environment along the ‘ridge’ of Florida is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Most of Florida has been under water for a good amount of its geological history. The ‘ridge’ has been above water for millions of years. It is one of the oldest geological areas of Florida. As we reached this particular scene a storm was brewing, the wind was howling, but the scene was fantastic. I jumped out of the jeep and set up my camera as fast as I could. I was worried that the storm would soon be producing heavy rain. I managed to capture the scene just before the first raindrops. Digital – Archival Pigment Print This photograph was taken with a high-quality digital camera. The photograph is printed on an Epson Stylus 4800 or 11880 printer. Clyde uses archival Ultra-chrome K3 ink and prints on archival Harman Hahnemuhle paper. The limited edition photograph is then mounted and matted to current archival standards. This is a limited edition series and each photograph is numbered.

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