Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve

Ghost Orchid Triptych Vertical resized
Photographic Story Over the course of three years, Clyde Butcher trekked into the Fakahatchee Strand to document the rare Ghost Orchid on film. The Ghost Orchid Triptych is a collection of his three iconic silver gelatin photographs that were a result of those trips: Ghost Orchid 1, Ghost Orchid Dancing and Ghost Orchid High. The Ghost Orchid Triptych is available in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Click here to view the horizontal version. For the Ghost Orchid series, Clyde used a 4×5″ view camera. Clyde prints all of his images in his darkroom on fiber-base paper in a limited edition. The photographs are selenium toned, then mounted and matted to current archival standards. Each print measures 5×7″ and outside mat dimension measures 14×26″ for the horizontal orientation or 12×34″ for the vertical orientation. May be ordered matted only or matted with black aluminum frame.  The Ghost Orchid Triptych is available in a limited edition of 150.

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