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Governor Chiles Cabin
Governor Chiles is one of the few politicians who I have admired in my life because of all he did for Florida. He loved the people, the history and the environment of Florida. When I was honored with the most prestigious cultural honor that can be bestowed upon an individual in the State of Florida – The Artist Hall of Fame Award, Governor Chiles was at the event celebrating with me. He invited me to come out to photograph his cabin. I was sure his cabin was a very large modern house and that he misunderstood what kind of photography I do, but I said yes. The next day we drove to the Governor’s cabin. As I drove up to what I thought was the Governor’s cabin all I saw was a large two-story house. I assumed I was going to have a problem. When the Governor greeted us, he walked us down the hill to his ‘cabin’ and told us the story. When the interstate highway I-10 was being built, this cabin of the 1800s was going to be demolished. Governor Chiles (who wasn’t Governor at the time) had the cabin carefully removed piece by piece and then rebuilt on his property. The rebuilding was done using the same tools and equipment of that time period. It was beautifully completed and it was worthy of a photograph! This photograph is hand-printed in Clyde’s darkroom on fiber-based paper, selenium toned, then mounted and matted to current archival standards. The photograph is a limited edition and signed by Clyde. Disclaimer – Cropping, contrast, and image density may vary. To learn more about the darkroom printing process, click here.

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