Whilden’s Pond 4 – Platinum Palladium

This image was photographed in Big Cypress National Preserve, using film with a large-format camera. Whilden’s Pond 4 is one of 17 images selected by Clyde to be part of his Platinum Palladium collection.  Each photo in this collection will be an exclusive edition of 15 and only available in 14×20” image size.

What is Platinum-Palladium Photograph? Clyde sought to create heirloom-quality works. Platinum palladium prints are known to fine art collectors for their beauty, archival permanence, and unique, one-of-a-kind print statement. Platinum-palladium prints date back to the 1850s and are one of the earliest and most stable methods of photographic printmaking. Like gold, but far rarer, platinum and palladium are incredibly stable elements. The platinum and palladium are mixed one drop at a time, creating a solution that results in a UV-sensitive emulsion. The emulsion is brushed onto Arches Platine 310g high quality, archival art paper. Hand coating means that each print will be unique. After the paper is coated with the solution, it is allowed to dry, then exposed to UV light, and developed. Archival materials and standards are maintained in every aspect of the process.

*Print only, 14×20″ image size on 20×24″ paper


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