Gift Certificates Available: Call 239-695-2428 Discovering the Florida Everglades: We are so blessed to be able to open our back yard up and share with you the beautiful environment at our Big Cypress Gallery, so you can enjoy what we see on an everyday basis. The flora, fauna and the wild life makes it a perfect outing. I must mention the dedicated Swamp Walk guides who are able to interject with enthusiasm and give so many educational points on the untouched nature you see when you are walking through the Big Cypress swamp. As one guest said to me,” I had a wonderful time and I learned so much about my own back yard”! This is a leisurely eco-tour and will be tailored to match your interests and physical ability. Walks are approximately 1.5 hr. long. Wear long pants, hat,  and old tennis shoes. Bring bug spray, sun block, water bottle, lunch or snacks,  and complete change of clothes (most likely you will get wet depending on the time of the year). We ask that you allow up to 3 hours for your tour which includes preparation as well as exploration! We’ll head out as a group and soak in (pun intended) much of what the Everglades has to offer! A Big Cypress Swamp walk is more than a walk in the park, it’s an adventure, a getaway and an experience to remember. Walk into the primordial beauty of Clyde Butcher’s world when you participate in a guided eco-swamp tour through the swamps of Big Cypress National Preserve behind his gallery. Marvel at the pristine splendor of natural Florida as you traverse through a rarely seen world, filled with vibrant colors and mysterious sounds. In this spacious, richly diverse wilderness of subtropical flora and fauna found nowhere else, you’ll learn about the fragile Everglades ecosystem. Deep in this serene, sacred space, your guide will point our orchids, rare ferns, threatened bromeliad, native birds and a host of swamp creatures. Beneath the ancient cypress trees, stop and listen to the deep stillness of an unspoiled world that seems far from everyday life. In this light-filled realm of wonder and awe, you are completely surrounded by nature in her purest and most sacred state. RATES:  Two people – $125 ea • Three people – $117 ea • Four or more people – $95 ea October – March The weather always seems to be perfect this time of the year to go on our tours.  Fall you still have the green lushness of summer foliage, winter the Cypress Needles fall and the winter birds arrive, spring the waters levels lower and you may even see animal tracks.  April – September reservations must be made by phone 239-695-2428. With the right preparation and the mind-set for adventure, a summer walk is IDEAL!  Walking in the pristine and crystal clear waters offers a unique experience that we look forward to sharing with you! Group Rates: over 10 people call for pricing 239-695-2428 • 10% cancellation or rescheduling fee • No refunds less than 7 days from tour Tours our located behind Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery, located along the scenic Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41), 47 miles east of Naples and 36 miles west of Miami at Mile Marker 54.5, about half mile east of the Big Cypress National Preserve Oasis Visitor Center.”To know the swamp you have to get into the swamp • For reservations within 48 hours please call us 239-695-2428 IF YOU DO NOT SEE AN AVAILABILITY ON YOUR SELECTED DAY, PLEASE CALL US AT 239-695-2428. OUR TOUR TIMES ARE FLEXIBLE AND THERE’S A GREAT CHANCE THAT WE CAN ACCOMODATE YOUR TOUR!

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