Meet Clyde & Niki Butcher

You’re invited to celebrate with Clyde and Niki Butcher at Big Cypress Gallery’s 30th Anniversary! Join us on Saturday, September 2nd, from 10 am to 3 pm for this special occasion.

  • Free Event! RSVP to join us [click HERE to get tickets]
  • Admire Clyde and Niki’s Stunning Artwork
  • Get Your Books Personally Signed
  • Exclusive opportunity to view and purchase two of Clyde’s NEW special commemorative art pieces, each intricately tied to the gallery’s history.

In 1992, Clyde and Niki purchased Orchid Isles from Leon Whilden and built their Gallery & Home in the same year, hosting a grand opening on Labor Day in 1993. Since then, it’s been an incredible journey inviting people in to witness the gallery’s beauty and the charm of the Everglades.

Over the past three decades, the gallery has become a symbol of artistic excellence, environmental awareness, and community engagement. Big Cypress Gallery has served as a platform for their work, fostering cultural enrichment and promoting environmental stewardship.

As we look ahead, we’re thrilled for our gallery’s future. We’ll nurture artistic expression, raise environmental awareness, and strengthen community bonds. Together, through art, we can create a sustainable and compassionate world.

For inquiries, feel free to call the Big Cypress Gallery at 239-695-2428.

Let’s celebrate the past, embrace the present, and envision a bright artistic future together!

The Butcher family and Big Cypress Gallery