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Limited Edition Book with Darkroom Print
L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N 250  This Limited Edition Collector's set is accompanied by a signed and numbered 6 x 8" silver gelatin photograph of Clyde's captivating image, Moon Over Tetons.

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A CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION In this collection of images from 33 National Parks, Clyde was inspired by the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service’s stewardship. His images mirror the respect and appreciation he has for those who stood up and proclaimed the need to save our environment, and that today we can see portions of our country as pristine, unchanged and unspoiled as it was long ago. Clyde considers himself more of a teacher than a photographer hoping that, by sharing nature’s beauty, others will be inspired to keep it in a natural condition for future generations. Questions or to order by phone call 941-486-0811
  • Book Details
  • Clyde’s Dedication
  • Celebrating America’s National Parks
  • Praise for Clyde

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