Seeing the Light: A Photographer’s Tale

Clyde’s Biography

Holiday Gift Promotion: GET A SIGNED BOOK BY CLYDE IF YOU ORDER IN THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER. Plus: Order 2 or more books and receive 20% discount off 2017 Weekly Planner.  All gift & book orders over $50 receive FREE shipping in the USA! Promotion expires 12/01/16 Seeing the Light: Wilderness and Salvation written by Tom Schroder and John Barry with twenty-three photographs by Clyde Butcher. The biography of Clyde, a tale of struggle against waste and human carelessness that cost the life of Butcher’s son and drove him to the solitude of the Everglades. It was there he discovered a living, timeless beauty found nowhere else on earth, and began to record it on film. Like many of his generation, Butcher vowed to live life by his own rules. Unlike most, he held firm. The result is a wild roller coaster of a life, and a mesmerizing, inspiring book including the building of his gallery in the Big Cypress National Preserve, along with tales from other ‘strange’ people who made their lives in the wilderness of Big Cypress. “…The story of how Butcher came to work in this hitherto overlooked region is engrossing. His struggle to overcome obstacles and disasters, some of which were self-inflicted, is one that can’t help but make our own struggles pale by comparison. A story, well told by Shroder and Barry, and beautifully illustrated with Butcher’s photographs of a region the Butchers are struggling to help protect and restore.” Shutterbug Magazine. Copyright 1995 by Thomas Shroder and John Barry. Book Size: 10”x 7”, 144 Pages, 23 Photographs by Clyde Butcher: 7 Double Page Spreads. All gift & book orders over $50 receive FREE shipping!