Photoshop Made Simple DVD – $45

Photoshop Made Simple This DVD is a “down-home” explanation of how Clyde uses Adobe Photoshop on both color and black & white images and includes instruction on histograms, layers, gradients and converting color to black & white, etc. This is not an Adobe Photoshop workflow workshop, nor is this workshop highly technical. In this DVD, Clyde explains the tools he uses and how they work. You will also see some of the creative decisions he makes. His techniques work with either scanned film or digital capture. “Creating a photograph, whether in the darkroom or in PhotoShop, requires the understanding of the tools needed to produce an image that reflects your personal vision. It is my hope that this DVD will inspire you to reach a new height in expressing your own vision through photography.” Clyde Butcher 2 DVD Set – 2 Hours and 30 Minutes in length, Instructional DVD featuring Clyde Butcher Wide Screen 16×9 Copyright 2010 Instructional DVD Produced by Elam Stoltzfus and featuring Clyde Butcher All gift & book orders over $50 receive FREE shipping!