Moonrise Reproduction Print

This is a reproduction offset print of Moonrise, matted to 12 x 16″ inches, add a black frame for easy at-home assembly Photographic Story For some time, I had wanted to take a shot of a full moon over the Everglades. I had been tracking the moon phases of the calendar for months waiting for the proper time…when the angle of the moon and sun align for the best effect. When the day came, I took my camera out into the ‘glades, set it up on top of my ten-foot wooden ladder, in order to get a perspective over the tops of the dwarf cypress trees, and waited. When the clouds cooperated to create a nice composition, I snapped the shutter…it didn’t work! I took the lens off, pried the shutter open, put the lens back on the camera, and used a dark slide as a shutter, guessing at the exposure time. This was the first black and white photograph I took in Florida.  In the summer of 1986, I purchased my first large format 8×10” camera. Moonrise was my first try at returning to black and white film and became one of my classic photographs. Moonrise changed our life, just as our son Ted’s death made us look at life differently. Out of the sorrow, came the light of seeing the world around us in a different way.